$TRX/BTC(TRON)UP! Justin Sun ‏tweeted $TRX DOG!Cryptocurrency Altcoin Chart news flash #TRX #TRON

ジャスティン・サンが$TRX DOG ツイートで$TRX/BTC (TRON/トロン)上昇!仮想通貨値動き:アルトコイン(草コイン)チャート速報

$TRX/BTC(TRON)UP! Justin Sun ‏tweeted $TRX DOG!Cryptocurrency Altcoin Chart news flash


Justin sun tweeted the other day
“TRON plan to release TRON’s first game application.”
I guess TRX Dogs are may be similar to Ethereum cat character.


$TRX(TRON/トロン)のファウンダー(創業者)Justin Sun(ジャスティン・サン)が初のゲームアプリについてツイート #TRX #TRON



取引所:HitBTC(ヒットビーティーシー) | Binance(バイナンス)


ジャスティン・サンが$TRX DOG ツイートで$TRX/BTC (TRON/トロン)上昇!仮想通貨値動き:アルトコイン(草コイン)チャート速報

tronlab.com | @Tronfoundation

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Binance | HitBTC | OKEx

What is $TRX(TRON)

A project that is trying to construct a content entertainment system by utilizing block chains and distributed storage technology.

Topics that have been raised up to now include
*Virtual dog(TRON Dogs).TRON holders can buy TRON Dogs by $TRX.It's similar to the Ethereum Cat.
*scheduled to partner with Alibaba
*scheduled to be listed on the Japanese exchange.

tronlab.com | @Tronfoundation

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